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“…this is some really powerful material you’ve got here! Your personal story is both grounding and inspiring. I would say that I imagine it’s been difficult to tell, but as someone who has experienced horrible tragedy and found equanimity, I recognize that place of “no longer wanting a different past” (what a great way to frame this, by the way), where “your story” becomes a neutralized thing that can be used or manipulated for good instead of for suffering…”


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By emily harris on September 28, 2016
Format: Paperback

Amazing journey and insightful recollections. I found that this was not only a great addition to my recovery work but a must have for anyone who loves someone in recovery. Very witty and conversational. Camozzi’s perspective fascinates and inspires!

By Derek on October 6, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Great stuff!!! Very insightful and inspiring. Great writing,easy to understand. Jeff does a fantastic job of making it hit home. Informative and very uplifting… recommend to anyone struggling with addiction or just to improve your brain and your life!!!

Format: Paperback

The true meaning of the axiom, when the student is ready the teacher will appear, is revealed in Awareness M.O.D.E. We witness Jeff Camozzi the student of the living dharma come into spiritual ripeness and appear as the teacher. Jeff has experienced a spiritual awakening and is now engaged in the the practice of living life and uncovering on a moment to moment basis who he truly is; a loving, dynamic manifestation of the cosmic spirit. Alan Watts said that Buddhism is a conversation. Awareness M.O.D.E. is for people that want to engage in this often unspoken dialog.

Format: Paperback

The real deal.
Well written, with a true knack for a simple statement of some deep truth.
The author outlines the Buddha’s teachings and offers his personal insight by describing his own direct experience in a humble, unpretentious style.
One of the least “precious” treatments of the topic of recovery and spiritual growth I have had the pleasure and privilege to read.
Thanks and kudos to Mr. Camozzi!