Call to Action for Next Book

The gears are starting to turn out ideas for my next venture and this round calls for some time spent gathering info from YOU. I’m just starting to put together a list of interview questions and am seeking advice on that as well. If you have an interest in being involved creating and collaborating on this next journey with me, please reach out and let me know.

Thank you, Jeff.

Countdown to Launch

The last day of Summer 2016 was yesterday. I’d set a goal of having Awareness MODE published by then, which as it turns out may be a tell of my naivety. A post-final round of edits found worthy of delaying the launch. This is a good thing and a mere drop in the bucket for the life of a publication. Thanks for hanging in there with me, and don’t worry, you’ll still have lots of time to get copies for all your friends and family for the holidays! 😉
Current E.T.A = paperback; mid-October, eBook by Halloween.